I’m Tim, an engineer focused on building

Hi, my name is Timothé, I am a software and machine learning engineer based in Paris.

I’ve always had a passion for keyboards. I started playing the piano when I was six and modified my first lines of code at thirteen. I’ve never left these two passions since.

After high school, I spent three years at the music conservatory playing my favorite composers while studying computer and data sciences at my engineering school.

I joined Evaneos and a team of +40 other developers as full-stack developer, who trusted me and taught me the best practices of what makes good software. A few years later, my former product owner approached me to build LPB together, marking the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey.

We successfully launched our product, enabling us to expand our team and achieve a +1M user base in two years. This experience allowed me to gain expertise in NLP and as a product builder.

Recently, I was also CTO and ML engineer for Newfund, an early-stage VC based in Paris and Silicon Valley.

If you want to work with me, I am currently available as a freelancer looking for fun projects. 😄