Some projects I’ve worked on.

I have worked on many projects of varying sizes, but these are the ones I am most proud of. Among these projects some are still active, others are thrown away, but the important thing is to try, no matter the result, right?

  • Vectora

    A search engine for a private banking company. Users can search through 4TB of indexed data in less than a second.


  • Datawave

    An audio app unlocking key data extraction from a call center recordings. Based on Whisper, Pyannote and SpaCy.


  • NewfundGPT

    A Slackbot for querying the Newfund database in natural language.

  • Rewart

    Rewart is a marketplace for selling artistic proprietary data to companies wishing to train AI models.

  • Laravel Time Series

    An open-source library for Laravel to create time-series, data projections and statistics with ease.

  • Polaria

    A privacy-first chatbot product, reaching +1M users in +70 companies. Started in my bedroom, then became a startup.

  • HUSH

    A media website for teenagers offering content in the form of stories (short videos), articles, quizzes and surveys.

  • Eva

    Eva is the travel assistant on Evaneos website. It has helped thousands of users to make their trip around the world a reality.

  • Doplr

    An iOS app to buy unsold concert tickets, based on musical tastes and location.

  • Infomax

    An e-commerce site allowing you to configure and order your computer online.

  • La Fourmilière

    The website of a collective of independent journalists. One of my first freelance project!

  • Bounce

    My first code project, started 15 days after writing my first line of JS. Watch out!